Siemens intelligent fire safety detection portfolio includes:

  • Powerful and easy-to-operate fire control panels
  • Compact panels for fire detection and extinguishing control
  • Fire detectors with deception-free technologies
  • A wide range of peripheral devices
  • Reliable detectors for special applications
  • Intelligent danger management systems for any requirement

Powerful fire control panels

  • Cerberus PRO addressable fire control panels
    Panels combine high security standards with the latest technology including degrade mode functionality.
  • Sinteso addressable fire control panels
    Innovative control panels, terminals, and options – a clear concept and efficient operation.
  • BC80/BC80A addressable fire control panels
    From compact to large units, that can grow with your business and requirements.

Compact panels for fire detection and extinguishing control

Protecting people and assets, business processes and continuity are core aspects of fire safety. We offer you a family of control panels for comprehensive fire safety: The panel family combines both fire detection and extinguishing control.

How it works? After receiving a fire alarm from the connected fire detectors, the combined panels trigger the extinguishing process.

Intelligent fire and smoke detectors

Complete range of fire and smoke detectors for different application areas.

  • Cerberus PRO addressable multi-sensor fire detectors
    Broad range of multi-sensor fire and smoke detectors – to cover various requirements. Cerberus PRO fire detectors use sophisticated algorithms and adaptable parameter sets.
  • Sinteso addressable neural fire detectors
    Reliable detection, fast notification, quick response – Sinteso multi-sensor neural fire and smoke detectors set the standard in all three areas.
  • BC80 / BC80A conventional and addressable fire detectors
    Reliable, safe, and economical fire and smoke detectors. High stability against dust, electromagnetic interference, temperature fluctuation, humidity, and corrosion.

A wide range of peripheral devices and fire alarm equipment

  • Alarm equipment (Cerberus PRO, Sinteso, Synova)
  • I/O modules (Cerberus PRO, Sinteso, Synova, BC80 / BC80A)
  • Alarm indicators (Cerberus PRO, Sinteso, Synova)
  • Video fire controller – The video fire controller allows for reliable alarm and event verification. Images are transmitted for live verification or recorded for subsequent analysis in case a fire alarm is activated.
  • Manual call points (Cerberus PRO, Sinteso, Synova, BC80 / BC80A)

Reliable detectors for special applications

Special flame detectors in various installation sizes from Siemens offered in complex or defiance environments. Key features: fast, reliable, precise.

  • Flame detectors (Cerberus PRO, Sinteso)
    Suitable for the detection of smokeless liquid and gas fires and smoking open fires occurring during the burning of materials containing carbon.
  • Linear smoke detectors (Cerberus PRO, Sinteso)
    Ideal solution for monitoring rooms with complex ceiling structures.
  • Air duct sampling chambers
    Air duct sampling chambers reliable monitor intake, outlet and circulating air ducts in air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Explosion hazard area products
    High-resistant products for explosive areas.
  • Aspirating smoke detectors
    For room and object monitoring for the earliest possible fire detection.
  • Linear heat detection
    Systems that are capable of triggering an alarm in case of a defined temperature increase or when a maximum temperature is exceeded.
  • Radio line
    Perfect solution if a building forbids to lay cable or if re-fittings have to work immediately, correctly, and failure-free.