Sinorix – intelligent extinguishing solutions

A perfect fire protection solution requires technology and expertise. SinorixTM intelligent extinguishing solutions, offer you the latest technologies based on long-term know-how and experience in fire detection and extinguishing from a global partner. The solutions are tailored to your individual needs to maximize business continuity. Fires are detected early and extinguished quickly and reliably. Sinorix high-quality solutions protect people, environment, processes, and assets.

Sprinkler systems are self-acting fire extinguishing systems having an uncomplicated as well a safe functioning principle.

A network of piping and sprinkler heads is installed throughout the areas of the building requiring protection and is constantly under pressure. Under normal conditions the sprinkler head is closed off by a liquidfilled bulb. If due to the effects of a fire, the ambient temperature in the immediate vicinity rises by approximately 30 °C above the maximum temperature expected under normal conditions, the glass bulb bursts. The pressurized extinguishing water then flows through the piping into the sprinkler head and the resulting water jet hits the spray plate which diverts the spray to the areas to be covered. At the same time the water flow in the piping network trips the alarm systems. When the fire is extinguished you replace the sprinkler that was activated and the system is ready for operation again.

In order to provide effective solutions for the diverse variety of fire risks, MSiemens sprinklers are offered in a range of versions with special spraying characteristics. All sprinkler system components are also available as part of the Siemens product portfolio.

Sinorix H₂O Gas – automated extinguishing solution based on gas/water-combined extinguishing technology

Tailored extinguishing solutions optimally protect the environment, people, and processes from fire. From the overall system design down to the individual components. This is why Siemens offers you an integral solution from one source. It also comprises a comprehensive service portfolio – from risk assessment, system design, installation, and commissioning to maintenance. Sinorix H2O Gas uses a highly effective combination of two natural extinguishing agents and innovative technology precisely tailored to your specific needs. You get an extinguishing solution that extinguishes fires faster and more reliably than conventional solutions – while minimizing secondary damage.

Sinorix H₂O Jet – automated extinguishing solution based on water mist technology

Sinorix H2O Jet is a solution using the natural agent water and reflects Siemens‘ extensive expertise in extinguishing. Besides the latest technology, it also comprises a comprehensive service portfolio – from risk assessment, system design, installation, and commissioning to maintenance. Sinorix H2O Jet controls or even extinguishes open, fast-growing fires in a highly efficient way at low hydraulic pressure. Using a mixture of water and gas, its unique two-phase flow technology generates fine water droplets – for a maximum cooling effect. Moreover, the solution is harmless for both people and the environment.

Water spray systems / Extinguishing water technology

If conditions are such that extremely rapid spreading of a fire can be expected, then the water-spray extinguishing systems can provide maximum safety. Water-spray extinguishing systems operate with open extinguisher nozzles which, in the event of fire, distribute the extinguishing water over the entire protected area, the quantity of extinguishant needed being minimal. Water-spray extinguishing systems are designed for space or equipment protection. In the case of space protection the extinguishing water is distributed evenly across the whole area of the fire hazard. The extinguishing nozzles are therefore arranged evenly spaced at ceiling level. The extinguishing nozzles are therefore arranged to be specifically aimed at the object. For tall objects they may also be installed at several levels. In the event of a fire, the smoke/gasentraining, cooling and radiant heat-reflecting effect of a water-spray extinguishing system also provides excellent protection for personnel. Distribution of the extinguishing water is determined by the number, size and spray- characteristics of the nozzles and arranged to suit the objects and areas to be protected.

Extinguishing water technology is an indispensable part of preventive fire protection. Water is the no. 1 extinguishant and as drinking water it is also an important resource for our world. Therefore the specific requirements imposed on planning and design of systems, which are directly connected to the drinking water supply, are very high. Siemens extinguishing water systems correspond to valid standards as well as the statutory provisions and guarantee highest possible safety.

We also a lot of different components of extinguishing water systems, for example fire extinguishing hose connecting equipment (wall hydrants), above-ground and underfloor hydrants and more.

Foam and Powder extinguishing system

Storage facilities, incineration plants, refineries or plastics/tyre depots have one thing in common: they pose a special risk. When flammable liquids or plastics catch fire, the fire spreads very quickly and toxic combustion gases are emitted. This results in damages that cost millions as well as environmental pollution. Foam extinguishing systems are the most effective fire protection for this risk area.

With a versatile foaming agent range, Siemens offers safe and flexible application. Siemens supplies sprinklers for the production of low expansion foam. Siemens also specialises in stainless steel nozzles for low expansion foam extinguishing systems. Perfectly aligned components are supplied in line with the individual needs of clients and according to respective fire protection requirements.

Powder extinguishing systems are permanently installed fire extinguishing systems. Extinguishing powders are highly efficient and fast-acting extinguishing agents. The sudden three dimension extinguishing effect of the powder clouds is due to the smothering effect and the anticatalytic effect, a chemical intervention in the combustion process. Extinguishing powders consist essentially of non-toxic inorganic salts, which are mixed with impregnation and pouring agents. The extinguishing powders are used for fires involving solid, liquid and gaseous materials and for metal fires.