Pool Systems

We realize the design, installation, and post-installation consultancy and maintenance for pumps, water filtration and heating systems of outdoor and indoor pools. Moreover, we use the latest technology to maintain excellent and efficient results in achieving the desired humidity and fresh air level of indoor pools. We also provide comprehensive technical support for all related services (cleaning, prevention of bacteria, maintaining desired pH levels, etc.).

Water Refinement Systems

We pay attention to use water refinement systems to prevent negative effects of raw water on the human body, premises components, and equipment. The refinement systems realized by our company are Water Softener, Active Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis, UV Filter, and Chlorination.

Sanitary Installation

We realize domestic water lines, sewage, and drainage water lines design (proper sizing of pipes, selection of materials and required equipment) according to international standards. Proper design is very important to obtain the required flow rate and pressure of outlets, to minimize heat loss from pipes, prevent annoying noise, receive domestic hot water without delay and prevent waste of initial investment.